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Dream color 12V WS2811 led strip light

-12V WS2811 led strip light
1. This LED strip is easy to install,with long lasting brightness and low voltage
2. This LED strip is completely flexible, you can twist it into any shape.
3. This LED strip light is safe for indoor and outdoor decoration.
4. Many kinds of color modes for choice.
5. Many flash types.
6. Can keep any one color.
7. Customize Program

  • 12V WS2811 led strip light
    1. WS2811 led strip light
    2. 12V every 3 leds as a pixel.
    3. Life Span: 30,000-50,000 hours
    4. Energy saving up to 80%
    5. dream color led flexible strip
    6. Pixel trip,pixel contolled,drive full color flexible led strip light
    7. 60pcs/m 5050 SMD LED.
    8. Color changing led strip,digital led strip
    9. Waterproof: IP65/IP68/Non-waterproof
    10.LED strip light uses high quality, high output SMD.
    11.Solid-state,high shock/vibration-resistant 
    12.Rope light has Wide viewing angle (120 degrees) ensures large illuminated surface
    13.Very easy to install by yourself without any tools,just plug and stick
    14.Long lifespan:50,000+ hours
    15.Available for any length in this kind of strip light
    16.Perfect for bedroom,living room
    17. IC: APA104/APA102/WS2811/LPD8806/HL1606/TLS3001


  • 12V WS2811 led strip light
    1.Christmas/ Halloween show lighting;
    2.For boat/barge decorations lighting;
    3.Widely applicable as back lighting, cove lighting, decoration lighting,  for home furniture, club, bar, hotel, commercial center;      
    4.Channel letter lighting using for stores, restaurants, bars;
    5.Car interior and exterior lights;
    6.Illumination lighting using walkway, canopy, stairway accent lighting, amusement park;     
    7.Outdoor illuminated signs and advertisements.

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