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12V/24V 120leds/m 5050 smd LED Strip light

-120leds/m 5050 smd LED Strip light
NEWSTAR LED's 120leds/m 5050 smd LED Strip light with perfect performance. These flexible strips are very bright and ideal for direct and accent lighting applications. Cuttable every 6 LED segments (1.97 in) with adhesive sticky backing. These versatile LED chips provide 50,000 hours of expected lifetime with a 2 year warranty. Flexible non-solder connectors are available for quick and easy installation. Works with any of our single color controllers or dimmers.

  • 120leds/m 5050 smd LED Strip light

    1. Input voltage: DC12V/24V
    2. Power Consumption: 28.8W per meter, 144W per roll
    3. Product Size: Width 15 mm
    4. PCB Color: white /yellow color
    5. LedType:SMD5050                                                       
    6. LED quantity: 120 LED per meter, 600LED per roll
    7. Beam angle: 120 Degrees
    8. Temperature:-40~70 degree Celsius
    9. Life span: 30,000 hours
    10.IP Grade: IP33/IP65/IP67/IP68
    11.Safety Level: Low heat dissipation, solid state, high shock or vibration resistant, no UV or IR radiation

  • 120leds/m 5050 smd LED Strip light

    1) Illuminating signs
    2) Path & contour marking
    3) Edge-Lighting of transparent or diffused materials
    4) Decorating lighting.
    5) Architectural decoration Lighting
    6) Backing lighting for under water project
    7) Archway/Canopy & Bridge Edge Lighting
    8) Amusement park/ Theater/ Aircraft cabin mood lighting
    9) Furniture Decoration Lighting
    10) Cove lighting
    11) Channel letters lighting
    12) Stairway Accent lighting

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