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LED Panel without blue light peak CRI>96Ra 5 Years warranty

As we all know, LED has high blue light peak which is harmful to our eyes. And now, NEWSTAR LED has come out with LED Panel with CRI>96Ra and lowest blue light peak, it's the nearest to Sunlight which can really protect our eyes.

  • CRI>96Ra LED Panel without blue light peak
    1. Dimension: 300*600/300*120/620*620/600*600
    2. Power Consumption: 18W/36W/40W
    3. Input Voltage: AC220~240V
    4. Driver: Lifud flicker free / Meanwell
    5. CRI: >96Ra
    6. Luminous Flux: 80lm/W
    7. LED: Sunlight 2835smd
    8. Material: Aluminum + PMMA
    9. CCT: 2600-2800K/2800-3100K/3800-4100K
    10. Ultra-slim design
    11. Can be suspended mounted or recessed mounted (embedded mounted)
    12. Dimmable type available
    13. CE, RoHS, FCC Certification

    14. 5 years guarantee

    Testing report

  • CRI>96Ra LED Panel without blue light peak Flicker-free
    1.Commercial Lighting, Restaurants & Hotels, Shopping malls

    2.Office Lighting, School, Retail & Grocery Stores, Showrooms, Airports
    3.Warehouse Lighting, Galleries, Hospitals, Warehouses
    4.Super market Lighting, institution buildings.

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