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10W RF remote solar LED flood lights

-RF remote solar LED flood lights
Solar LED flood lights work by capturing energy from the sun on an integral or wire connected solar panel. The captured energy is then converted into electricity and stored in batteries. This stored electricity is used to power the solar LED flood lights at night.
Solar panel collects energy during the day and Automatically illuminates when the sun goes down provides at least 8 hours of light each night.
12V RF remote solar LED flood lights.

  • Product Name: 10W RF remote solar LED flood lights
    Product Code: NSF-SL10W
    Product Type: Solar LED Flood Lights
    LED Type: Epistar 5730 SMD LED
    LED Qty: 18pcs
    Brightness: 700/350 lumens (full/half power)
    Battery: Li-Ion 7800mah 7.4V battery (inside of the lamp)
    Solar panel type: 20W Polycrystalline Solar Panel
    Discharge time: 8 hours under full power work
    The RF Remote Control Operation: ON/OFF
    Have manual mode and automatic mode
    Dimming (10% to 100% is adjustable)
    Smart timing (1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, 4 hrs, 5 hrs, 6 hrs)
    RGB color is available.
    Warranty: LED flood lights = 2 years
                  Solar Panel = 3 Years
                  Battery =1 year
    Perfect for home and commercial use.
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  • 10W RF remote solar LED flood lights

    1. Factories
    2. Gymnasiums
    3. Yards
    4. Advertising boards
    5. Buildings
    6. Lawns
    7. Garden designs

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