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Square surface mounted LED Panel Light

-surface mounted LED Panel Light
4 inch: 6W (120*120*H40mm)
6 inch: 12W (180*180*H40mm)
8 inch: 16W (220*220*H40mm)
10 inch: 24W (300*300*H40mm)

  • surface mounted LED Panel Light
    1. Easy Installation
    2. Extended Life Up to 30,000 Hours
    3. High Shock & Vibration Resistance
    4. Humidity & Moisture Resistant
    5. No Buzzing
    6. No Mercury/Poisons
    7. No Radio Frequency Interference
    8. Environmentally Friendly
    9. No Flickering
    10. Fast Return on Investment
    11. CE ROHS Approved
    12. 3 Years Warranty
  • surface mounted LED Panel Light
    1.Commercial Lighting, Restaurants & Hotels, Shopping malls

    2.Office Lighting, Retail & Grocery Stores, Showrooms, Airports
    3.Warehouse Lighting, Galleries, Hospitals, Warehouses
    4.Super market Lighting, institution buildings.

  • Round surface mounted LED Panel Light
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