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2015 Top Ten LED industry trend forecasting

Release time:2014/12/11 16:39:02

2014, for many LED manufacturers is a fruitful year, it is also a challenging year. Although the first half of 2014 demand from the lighting market stronger than expected, even once caused LED shortage.
However, due to the client repeat orders and inventories high end lighting pathways influence gradually emerged in the second half, many manufacturers obviously felt frozen market demand and price competitive pressures. So for many LED manufacturers, the second half performance on different conditions, such as washing the field three warm.
Faced with the upcoming 2015, the industry have also made some for the LED industry perspective and outlook. The main highlights of next year and for sorting out the top ten market trends.
1. LED manufacturers expansion plan is still dependent on government grants, China is still the largest installed capacity of the region were the MOCVD
Industry estimates that in 2014 the global number of new installed capacity will reach 239 MOCVD sets. From installation to observe the number of regions, China is still the largest cases of MOCVD installed. Looking to 2015, China region because the measures are still continuing to subsidize part of the local government came out, so the 2015 is still in China's installed capacity of 170 units or more.
At present, China's local government grants also follow MOCVD equipment grants to adjust prices, currently a MOCVD subsidy payments drop from the previous RMB1,000 million to RMB 500 million, but many manufacturers are still profitable. Overall, as a result of the expansion plan depends on LED manufacturers local government grants, so the future of LED chip manufacturers will present the bigger phenomenon.
2. The big get bigger, Chinese LED manufacturers continue to increase market share
With the Chinese LED chip plant upgrade their technology and production capacity of release, making China the world's chip LED chip output value accounted for the proportion of 27% by 2013, is expected to 2014 is expected to increase to 36%. Past China's LED backlighting or lighting applications rely on the status of Taiwan-funded or foreign Gone.
Because of China's chip packaging manufacturers using domestic proportion constantly upgrading, the price is also quite competitive. Making Chinese manufacturers will gradually increase in the market share of the global LED industry.
3.LED lighting customers continue to look for more cost-effective solution
LED lighting market demand because of falling product prices and terminal lighting stimulated a huge demand. Outlook 2015 major driving force for the growth of LED lighting products are still mainly from the LED bulb, LED lamp, and other alternative sources of products, and therefore the price of the LED lighting customers with cost as the main consideration.
And with a good cost-effective power LED LED lighting products just to meet these requirements continued price cuts, such as 3030 and 2835 LED market has become mainstream. The future of LED manufacturers are still looking for better heat dissipation material, through high-current LED driver to reduce the use of several pieces, or even gradually by COB LED lighting customers.
Apart from the price of LED, LED lighting manufacturers have begun to focus on other components such as drive power, hoped that through the whole system designed to achieve more cost-effective solutions.
4. Look for special applications to enhance the profitability of new blue ocean
LED due to intense price competition, so LED manufacturers hope to find some new special applications to improve profit. Such as non-visible LED gradually by LED manufacturers concern, including UV or IR LED applications.
Although the limited size of the market is not visible LED's, can not be compared with other LED lighting or backlighting applications. However, due to technical difficulties, customized needs, and the need to work closely with the system works, so the high barriers to entry. Therefore not visible LED product gross margin was better than white LED.
From the observation of the supply chain, UV LED and IR LED field dominated by Japan, Europe and the US manufacturers, Taiwanese LED manufacturers place, and the future will be more and more LED manufacturers began to enter the field is not visible.
5. Car with LED output growth year after year, with the growth rate of the largest exterior lighting
Car stable growth LED market, where LED lighting products, including car daytime running lights (DRL) with headlights (H / L beam) grow the best, the main reason is that the high-power LED technology upgrade. With the falling price of LED, LED lighting by car gradually transferred from the high-order cars to the cars in order to drive the next few years, automotive lighting needs.
Also part of the car LED application, or in the car with the panel LED backlighting for the bulk. With the penetration of multimedia and sensing images increases, the traditional dashboard has been changed to the LCD panel, drive the car with the backlight needs.
6. slim phone trend, mobile phone backlight LED Specifications forward to 0.4t
At present, high-end phones gradually to the development of lightweight, plus panel resolution upgrade for LED manufacturers how to do more thin LED brightness higher goals for the 2015 challenge. 0.4t LED backlight mainstream standard brightness stage high-end smart phone use is about to fall 2,500 ~ 2,700mcd.
4.7 "screen, the backlight module is about 10 to 12 LED as backlight, due to higher than 0.6t 0.4t slimmer, mass production is also a market thinnest thickness backlight LED, packaging technology threshold is relatively higher, currently the main supplier for the Japanese LED manufacturers in the supply currently iPhone6 phone backlight has been imported 0.4t LED, even coming to the thinner 0.3t LED forward.
7.FLASH LED for use in high-end phones are gradually increasing the number of stars
Since the iPhone into double stars of different color temperature FLASH LED, more and more mobile phone brands have begun to follow up. Even some of the phone's handset to emphasize self-timer function, the import front of the camera pixels 1,300 megapixel camera module, and with four Flash LED on the phone in order to achieve better photographic effect.
Flash LED currently about 180 ~ 240lm brightness range, each using a number of pieces ranging from 1 to 2, with the upgrading of mobile phone pixels, the handset manufacturers Flash LED flash specification requirements are also increasing, Flash LED's use of quantitative there is also continued growth.
8. The number of tablet computer shipments decline, the impact of tablet PCs LED backlight output
Over the past few years the number of shipments of tablet computers has maintained high growth momentum, so the tablet PC with LED backlight LED manufacturers that are most growth potential of key products. But with the penetration of tablet computers and products to improve gradually subsided freshness, 2014 Tablet PC shipments overall number of first attenuation phenomenon. The next shipment will be diminishing number.
With the tablet computer's ASP LED backlight yearly decline, coupled with a tablet computer shipments each year recession, the industry estimated 2014 LED backlit flat annual output decline to $ 476 million (YoY- 21.7%), while in 2015 LED backlighting flat annual output of about $ 412 million (YoY- 13.4%).
9. TV backlight LED, toward reducing the number of stars in two different directions, and improve color saturation forward
TV LED backlight backlight technology with the change, as well as panel factory price pressure, making the TV LED backlight output decline year by year. LED-backlit TV industry forecast 2014 output of about 2.39 billion US dollars, the annual growth of 14.3% decline, continuing a downward trend in 2015 will continue to show.
But TV LED backlight specification observed, the future will move in two directions. For low-end TV sets seed TV LED backlight driver specifications to reduce the number of pieces through the use of LED more current, in order to achieve cost reduction. But for higher-order species television, in addition to improving 4K 2K panel LED brightness to meet demand, high color saturation import NTSC standard 100 LED LED manufacturers will be the development focus.
10. penetration small spacing display upgrade for display market growth momentum

LED display fields mature and saturated, although in 2014 Brazil World Cup effect, driving 2014 LED display market demand. But the next few years will be the lack of large-scale activities to boost public works spending, and therefore can only rely on the import of new technologies, such as small pitch displays and other products to create new market demand in the future.


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