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The advantages of smart LED bulb

Release time:2014/12/11 18:31:24

The advantages of smart LED bulb
1, energy-saving environmental health
LED is a cold light source, is considered to be the fourth generation of green light, actually the semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment, at the same brightness, LED bulb consumes only one-tenth of an ordinary incandescent, fluorescent half pipe, compared with incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90 percent.

2, Internet access
Smart LED bulb is added to the embedded networking communication module can be achieved within a certain area of Internet access, while users of smart phones and cloud services platform is turned on, so that the user can at any place at any time by phone View home LED bulb working conditions, including brightness, color temperature, and electrical parameters, but also on the state of the home user LED bulb for remote control via smart phone or connect the computer to your liking; another respect for the living room to install a multi-group intelligent bulb, smart bulb during normal operation can be dynamically scan other smart bulb, and automate ad hoc network control, allowing the user to their own bedroom scene for scene lighting defined, users can even use the phone or digital camera to photograph the color settings inside the room intelligent lighting equipment, such as analog sunset when illuminated environment.

3, personalized art
Users can set their own preferences Smart LED bulb, it demonstrated its unique personalized products, and through the cloud platform and embedded networking module, users can produce their own energy-saving programs and toning program etc. posted to microblogging, letters and other social platforms, sharing their own programs but also to learn other people's programs to achieve a certain degree of social interactions on.

4, humane
Green, harmony, green, energy is the future of this century or even the dominant direction. The advent of smart bulb is like a key, opened the deepening of the relationship between humans and the light of the door, to subvert the traditional human understanding of lighting to illuminate the room lighting is not the only function of the user to personalize the program deployment, according to their preferences change the lamp, adjustable lighting color temperature according to the context, setting the stage lighting brightness in accordance with changes in working life saving programs, according to their own health needed to bring up the lighting system is suitable, in order to achieve environmental protection, harmony, green, the main theme of the world's energy-saving standards.

5, Smart LED bulb applications
Family environment: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom
Office environment: computer room, meeting room, smoking area, basement, office
Business Entertainment: fast food, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, Khan, steam room, tea houses
Public facilities: schools, hospitals.

6. Smart LED bulb defects

Smart Bulb have rich feature selection entirely dependent on the phone, tablet applications. In other words, removing the rich functionality, even light switches based actions are required by phone or tablet to complete, a new problem arises: If your electronic equipment is in a state of no electricity, you want to turn on the lights must be to charge the phone; if your phone is not around, you want to turn on the lights, you have to find the phone.


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