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Smart LED Alert Nightlight

Release time:2014/12/26 11:33:07

Smart LED Alert Nightlight, we are not unfamiliar, due to used LED as the light source, so power consumption is very low, you can play the role of nighttime lighting. And relatively speaking, most of the traditional single functionSmart LED Alert Nightlight, which is only possible lighting. Recently, foreign designers have designed a versatile Smart LED Alert Nightlight with alarm action, home security can play a very important role.

The most magical place for this Smart LED Alert Nightlight is can detect harmful gases in the air, such as smoke or fire caused by carbon monoxide, natural gas leaks and so on. Built-in WiFi wireless networking capabilities, can be connected to a smart phone. Users can install the appropriate client in the phone side, so that once an accident occurs, the user can see the voice prompts and a large volume of the alarm from the phone, even if there is an accident in his sleep, you can save the day, to ensure the safety of life.

It is worth mentioning is that this is not only can be connected to one mobile phone, also supports simultaneous access to multiple mobile phones, even family members living in different rooms, just have a smart phone, you can install and use Smart LED Alert Nightlight.


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