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RGBW101 LED Strip

Release time:2015/9/29 11:08:15

RGBW101 LED Strip

RGBW101 come out, RGBW101 is 4 colors in one chip, they are Red Green , Blue , White.

About White,  can be Warm white, Nature white, Pure white. and we have use this RGBW101 LED CHIP on our LED Strip, we can do 30LEDS , 60LEDS, 72LEDS , 144LEDS . 
The following is the video of our RGBW101 LED chip:

Those RGBW101 LED LED STRIP is not only have RGB, but also can mix color , mix white , then can make some different color from RGB, then you can have more choose ., in addition, when only white color is working , the white color is so perfect, clear.
Why RGBW is so popular? the most important is the white color attached with the multicolour, make the color more fantasy.
if you want to learn more about our RGBW101 LED Strip. you can visit our product

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